We are not BPM.XM / Sirius / XM

There has been an increase in emails, in regards to our music (please excuse the current downtime, the issue is out of our hands and we are currently working with our data center to resolve it).

First and foremost, we are not BPM.XM, and we have no ties, affiliation, sponsoring, networking, not so much as a contact person from there. If you are a customer of Sirius, and you are paying $14.49 a month, and you thought you could come here toBPM.FM because you can stream for FREE on our station, instead of either paying an additional $3.50 a month, or $14.49 (for their online subscription only), and noticed the music is different, then please read the very bottom right corner of our website and then look at the logo at the very top left corner of the screen. We are not BPM.XM!

Please do not complain about our music, if you thought we were them. Also, please do not threaten to discontinue your Sirius services, because the only services we offer BPM.FMs playlist, streamed for free at 128kbps, and 64kbps.

If you genuinely have an issue with BPM.XM, please direct all your comments, concerns, and regards to their support department.

Granted, we may share the same name, but there are major differences between our company and theirs. If you enjoy paying a monthly fee, for listening to certain remixes from the same remixers or producers, then Sirius’s BPM.XM is the station for you.

We are cater to a different crowd and audience, it has been our philosophy from day one. Need we mention we play the same music from time to time?

If you are going to threaten a radio station to change their entire playlist, something they have spent thousands of dollars to invest in, among other things, because YOU happen to not like it. Do that station, club, venue, a favor and just deactivate your services or find a different avenue to listen to music for free or that caters to your liking (Pandora).

This is the reason why some people in the industry (music) look out for themselves, and do not care about YOU the listeners. Having personally DJed, it is our goal, passion, and motivation to please the people we cater to. We understand that some of you may not like our style, and as much as we appreciate your criticism, please do so respectfully. We invest alot of time and energy into this business and the last thing we need to hear is a threat from someone we may never see or interact again. If you do not like something, you can respectfully comment about it and see if they are willing to compromise, if not, leave.

To all those that have supported us throughout the years, we thank you, and please do know that we are working really hard to get everything the way we have envisioned this station to be. Let me stress this one more time, we are not trying to be #1, or the best station in the world, we are trying to be YOUR station and YOUR station only. We the limited funding we have, we do our best to get things to a way that we can make you happy, and want to continue listening to us.